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About Rich Ferguson

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Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker", is an award winning sleight of hand magician, mentalist, author, motivation speaker and creative consultant.

From Celebrity and Private Parties to Corporate Events, Rich is trusted to entertain special guests with memorable, sophisticated and interactive entertainment! If you are looking for someone to let loose to engage guests with fun and mind-blowing magic, make your event unforgettable and make you look good, look no further.

As a creator and producer of numerous best selling products within entertainment industries and business, you know you are getting a real professional that guests will rave about for years. In short, Rich is known for Making Events a Jaw-Dropping Success!

Enough about Rich... What can Rich do for you!? Please browse our website and contact us anytime!

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Award Winning Magician
• Featured in Google's 2012 Year in Review Zeitgiest Video for most searched video list
• Featured Magician and special guest of Ellen Degeneres Show
• Featured on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, ABC NEWS, FOX NEWS, YAHOO NEWS and many more
• Creator and speaker of Magic Makers™ - Motivational program focused on embracing obstacles
• Award winning member of the Academy of Magical Arts, The Magic Castle, Hollywood, Ca
• #1 Book Ranking on Amazon
• Host and talent of best selling Instructional DVD series by Official Poker, Inc distributed by Warner/WEA/VAS!
NBC's reality show Phenomenon Top Worldwide 20 Finalist, season 1, 2007 • Picked as 1 of 3 favorites by show producers for original Mind Blowing Effects "Out of this Word", "Tagged" and "Serial Biller"
• Performed corporate shows for major companies and casino’s like Macintosh, PG&E, Aetna, Mazda, Misys, AT&T and Ceasars Palace, Sahara, Monte Carlo, MGM, Mandalay Bay
• Highly sought after "ice-breaker" and entertainer for VIP Parties and Celebrity Private Parties
• Hand Model, Hand Extra and Actor used in commercials, print, television and film
• Star of 3 magic specials for PAX television (now ion television)
• Consultant/Instructor/Writer for many film and television projects for gambling, magic and comedy including America's Got Talent finalists and Scam School.
• Consultant and effect creator for some of the best known magicians and hypnotists in the entertainment industry
• Consultants for top finalist on America's Got Talent
• Consultant for various prank and magic television shows
• Talent of Exclusive Ellusionist products. Created best selling effects for "E". Ellusionist is a leader in Entertainment DVDs and magic production.
• Opened for Jimmy Kimmel Live (through 1iota) & Jay Leno (casino shows)
• Agent for several entertainers around the country.
• Spokesperson for Dream for Kids
• Magician and spokesperson for Big Brothers and Sisters. "Little Moments. Big Magic." Rich is also a "Big" for Big Brothers and Sisters.
• Keynote speaker and presenter of body language and psychology for sales and businesses
• Ranked top 10 Close-up Magician in the World 10 years running:
• AKA "Idea Man" as a highly respected problem solver and creative consultant, see Idea Man
• Columnist for leading gaming, entertainment and magic magazines
• Producer/Author/Host of DVDs and books on humor, psychology and observation
• Creator of Blank Gag Books
• Creator of Central Coast Talent.
• Creator and Performer of "Mac Magic" and "Macgician" for Apple, Inc. for Apple Store presentations, trade-shows and Apple corporate events.

Award Winning Magician
• Gold Medal Award Winner – The Academy of Magical Arts, The Magic Castle –2004 Sleight of Hand/Hospitality Type Magic.
• Grand Champion Magician nominee 2005 – The Academy of Magical Arts, The Magic Castle .
• 40 under 40 Business Award Winner- Class of 2004!
Telly Award for Documentary of Rich's early life made for Dream for Kids 2005
• Everest Award Recipient given by the state of California for Personal Achievement and Business Excellence
• California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition, Abel Maldonado, for 2003 Everest Award Winner
• Certificate of Recognition From California State Assembly, Member of the Assembly, California State Legislature, Hannah-Beth Jackson, for Business Progress and Accomplishments
• Certificate of Recognition From the California State Senate, Senator Tom McClintock
• From the United States Congress, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for outstanding and invaluable service to the community
• Voted Best Entertainer by regional readers poll, Best of SLO, New Times 2008
• 20 under 40 Achievement Award - Class of 2009
• 2008 Trick of the Year Winner
• Voted Best Entertainer Central Coast California 2011, Best of - New Times Annual Magazine
• Multiple World Records in Card, Coin, Poker Chip and Ring Handling
• Voted Best Entertainer in "Best of SLO County" New Times Reader Poll 2008-2013
Best Magician Award World Record Coin Roll Best Entertainer Best Entertainer Award Champion Magician Trick of the Year Top Act #1 Book
Best Magic DVD Top 10 Magician Everest Award Telly Award Congressional Award 40 Under 40 Award 20 Under 20 Award Fastest Chip Trick
Fastest Ring Roll Fastest Roll Down Fastest 2nd Deal Fastest 4 Aces Fastest Butterfly Chip Trick Fastest Card Cutting Fastest Card 2nd Deal Fastest Cards in Order
Fastest Card Switch Fastest Card Toss Fastest Coin Star fastest chip stack top 10 magicians best of slo
best entertainer 20best entertainer 2013 new times best of

Magician Life
"I'm blessed to be able to create the unique, memorable experiences for guests from VIP celebrity parties to private event. To live on the central coast of California, travel to exciting places and be in such demand for my original style to the magical arts and entertainment is a dream come true!... To be able to combine my abilities with comedy, mentalism, observation and more and create moments that completely blow people away is so rewarding... Changing peoples perception about 'magic', making a huge difference to an event and bringing people together makes it all worth it!"

Rich was adopted at age 12 and learned to read at a very late age leaving him to his own resources as a young child. Using his highly developed sense of intuition, "off the charts" observational powers and ability to think on his toes, Rich has developed a new style and approach to the arts of magic, mentalism and comedy. Combining his survival instincts as a kid and his wittiness learned from his wonderful new family as an adult, Rich's style and effects will amaze, confuse, defy logic and create laughter! Rich is self taught and has focused his attention on the guests at a party... not the magic! It just happens that the magic is insane!

When not performing or working on magic related projects, Rich enjoys talking about business with successful self-employed friends. Rich lives on the Central Coast of California and enjoys hiking, martial arts, diving and being entertained by just about any type of artist.

magic eye rich ferguson
About Magician Rich Ferguson Hire Magician for Private Parties, Corporate Events, VIP Parties, Wedding Receptions Magician Reviews Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks Magic Videos, Media
Magic Photos, Celebrity Photos, Event Photos Magic DVD, Poker DVD, Magic Books Magic Blog Updates Client Tools and Resources Hire Magician Rich Ferguson
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