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For years, I’ve been a member of the Magic Castle. In fact, after my decision to become a professional, full-time entertainer, I joined immediately. Ever since becoming a professional magician, people have asked about the Magic Castle. Let me explain it in layman’s terms – as it is quite often thought of as simply a theater by those who have not attended this unique, invite only, mysterious old mansion.

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The Magic Castle is located just behind the Chinese Mann Theater one block from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Magic Castle in located in Hollywood, California. It’s the home of the Academy of Magical Arts. Does that statement even make it more confusing? Here’s the deal… The Magic Castle is a place to see amazing shows, discover the history of the magical arts, have dinner and drink ’til you can’t… as there are six bars conveniently located throughout! But the “Castle”, as pro’s call it, is much more than a showplace. It is an invite only club in which public can witness magicians from around the world on any given night.

Now, the Academy of Magical Arts is like the worldwide union for performing magicians and entertainers and it’s offices are located inside the Magic Castle! Got it? It gets “trickier”…

Won Gold Medal for Interactive Magic.

Within the walls of the Castle, you’ll find endless memorabilia, secret doors, moving parts, numerous showrooms, a fine restaurant, a guarded library and a museum. Shows range from pure sit down sleight of hand presentations to stand up comedy shows to nightly stage shows. It get’s even “trickier”…

Going to the Magic Castle? you might expect or have heard that a particular magician works there.. Truth be told, on any given week, it’s different performers from around the world. No entertainer actually works there permanently… do not confuse this club as the comedy club where acts come and go. Nope. It’s much harder to become a performing member and entertainer than it is to attend as a guest. It gets even “trickier”…

Above is one of numerous intimate showrooms your discover.

To become a member is not easily defined. You have to audition or interview first. Believe it or not, most members are not magicians at all. There are thousands of members worldwide that range from people that collect magic, build magic, research magic, perform magic and those that just love it and want to be a member of the most unique club in the world. Each type of membership has it’s perks and path to becoming an accepted member. Performing magicians have to perform in front of a committee that decides their fate while non-magicians have to apply and be interviewed to ensure they have the best intentions and understanding of the club. It’s certainly a special place indeed… and the numerous, similar places that are compared to it are simply wonderful showrooms and do not have the behind the scenes and industry aspects. It gets even “trickier” yet!…

Along with the obvious features of the Castle, there is even a room devoted to Houdini. Here, you will find his original shackles and other amazing memorabilia. This room is open for very special reservation only dinners where you get to whiteness your own personal seance. Another very popular feature is Irma, the piano playing ghost. Oh, this is not just a self playing piano! Nope, you communicate with her and request any song you want. If you are really sharp and know the lyrics to songs, you can hold conversations. That’s tricky! Told you.

Just behind me, you can see the water barrel Houdini would be shackled and submerged in.

Currently, Neil Patrick Harris is a big part of the Magic Castle as well are numerous well known celebrities who love this unique art. The Castle is a source of the worlds best magicians and is often called upon for hiring magicians for private events. You can even host your own party at the club. Just call the Famous Hollywood Magic Castle for details.

The founder of The Magic Castle is an amazing force in entertainment. Milt Larsen transformed an old victorian mansion into the world famous club in 1961 while his brother Bill helped promote it. He also created the Mayfair Music Hall in Santa Monica, California, The Variety Arts Theatre in Los Angeles and Caesars Magical Empire at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Milt is seen regularly at the club and still produces top magic shows such as “It’s Magic!”

With Milt in front of the Magic Owl and “secret” entrance

To attend and bring guests, expect to make dinner reservations and adhere to a strict dress code. Learn more about it at If you know me and want passes/invitations, just email me anytime. It makes an awesome date and is a wonderful place to take an important client. You have to be 21 and over to attend at night or you may attend for brunch on the weekends with kids. I’ll quickly add that there are classes and special events to look out for as well. When you arrive, you’ll notice the house and think to yourself, “That can’t have too much in it”… when you enter, you’ll be very disorientated since the entire building is like an iceberg as 2/3 is underground. Pretty tricky! When you first enter, you will have to say the “magic words” to the golden owl on the bookcase to have the bookcases open to let you into the main building …That’s tricky too!

We’ve taken endless clients, celebrities and friends!

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Best, RICH Ferguson, AKA “The Ice Breaker”

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