Motivational Speaker for At Risk Youth

Opening slide as kids takes seats

My motivational speaking program for “at risk” youth has been years in the making. I’m so excited to have a full length program that truly connects with kids. The Magic Maker presentation is broken down here so you can understand the value it may have for your school, academy or “at risk” youth group. Keep in mind that I’m available nationally and the program is best suited for teens or preteens.

The motivational speaking program starts off with me demonstrating some magic effects using nothing more than common sense and observation – which is a main topic in the program. Then the kids guess truths and false about me. The results are surprising enough to keep kids engaged the rest of the program. I share openly my unique childhood struggles and difficulties making it to success. We quickly turn the direction to “us” as a group.

…Then they learn how they are was SMARTER than “other” kids…

A main focus on the program is Overcoming Obstacles & inspiring kids to realize that they have a gift with street smarts that will allow them to do anything they set their mind to. Built upon a psychological NLP timeline. This engages kids with powerful and funny slides about common sense, smarts, goals, focus, negativity, distractions, stress, attitude, complaining, excuses, being present and much more. The psychological structure hooks kids from every situation, gets them to agree with or absorb everything they hear and see… Then they get hit with truths about themselves they accept which they would normally be defensive about. The gloves are off and the truths of reality reveal themselves. Trust, rapport and common ground is established early on and kids absorb my message because it is real to them without being lectured to. I believe struggle has given us the best tools in life to adapt, be observant and be fast on our toes. As a magician and mentalist who know exactly what they are going through, I’ve “tricked” them into seeing the truth and possibilities. They leave motivated, inspired and believed in.

I stay personally connected to them throughout

Popular culture and sports are used to make points

Home-run record holders also have the most STRIKEOUTS!

Making a strong point about holding onto stress
Statistics are not about you but about everyone in general

One of my favorite sections used famous faces that you’d be shocked struggled in school or did not go to college, were social outcasts growing up, were abused and suffered growing up or were homeless as young adults. In addition, some celebrity friends are used to show how we can not judge a book by its cover and how complaining doesn’t accomplish anything.

During full length programs, we talk about “statistics” and how we are only a statistic or products of our surrounding if we chose to be. The pressure from statistics and social labels on kids who are struggling will be lifted.

Another fun and engaging section uses dozens of funny images to make points about common sense, observation, “smarts”, possibilities and more. This takes the pressure off looking at ourselves for a moment until they are hooked and ready for some more “naked truths”. A fun section about comparing yourself to others is a hit. Along the way, magic is used as analogies for paying attention and making decisions.

When the focus is turned back to us, they are ready for some tough love and more likely accept messages about balance, community, attitude and peer pressure. I do not focus on sex, drug, social misconduct and peer pressure. I believe it is a mistake to drill kids about pressures or problems they are well aware of. I, instead, focus on empowering them with the tools to make better and smarter common sense decisions for themselves.

In the end, they hopefully walk out “HUNGRY” for life. “Staying Hungry” is one of the main points and ties into several other sections. Many well known CEO’s, celebrities and sports figured have been homeless, broke and hungry. They’ve overcome great odds and have stayed hungry and nothing stops them from achieving their goals – They also do not complain about their past. A shift in understanding the gift people who have struggled have is a subtle undertone to the entire program. Personally, I’d not trade “street smarts” for anything. It’s an empowering message. To finalize, the gloves come completely off and I’m an open book for real questions.

Helping kids see the light of a better life starts with someone who has been there but doesn’t let struggles in the past define them, but lets struggles become the fuel for greater things. Please share this with groups you know of and I’d be honored to be their motivational speaker. Visit my official website about booking an appearance.

As always, please consider bringing me in for your next exclusive private party or corporate event! Hiring “The Ice Breaker” to interact with your special guests makes your event unique, fun and memorable!

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