Preparing for Ellen Degeneres Show

Being a special magician guest on Ellen Degeneres was like magic! I’ll quickly share the path leading up to my first appearance on her show. By the way, there will be many more! When they called to see if I was interested in meeting to see if I would meet there standards, I jumped right on the opportunity. […]

Oprah calls SLO Happiest Place to Live

Ever heard of San Luis Obispo? Maybe you have drove through it and didn’t even know! The Oprah Show along with the help of Jenny McCarthy might reveal our secret… dang it! As a magician and entertainer that is based out of this small town along California called San Luis Obispo, people have asked me often, “When are you going […]

San Luis Obispo Magician Review

Interested in hiring a magician for a party in San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara or beyond? Be sure to do your homework to ensure they will treat your guests with professionalism, put your event before the “magic”and have the experience required to make your event memorable and fun! Letting a magician loose at your party is […]

“Magician”… what do you think of?

What do you think of when you hear the word magician? Think about MUSIC for a second. There are several types of instruments, several styles and many forms of involvement from writers and directors and singers to drummers! In the exact same way, there are huge varieties in magic. Obviously, most can recognize that there […]

Shifts in Behavior – Poker and Life

It’s been said many times that how you carry yourself in life is how you play poker. There’s something much deeper than the generic thinking that “if you are a bully in life then you are a bully at the table or if you are weak in life then you are an easy target in poker.” […]

Google 2012 Year in Review Zeitgeist

The Zeitgeist 2012 or Google’s annual Year in Review is a highly anticipated video and event! The tops 10 searched people, events, videos and more are compiled and shared in a very moving and inspirational video called Zeitgeist. Here’s the made for TV version that aired on every major network worldwide on New Years. These are beautiful […]

Int’l Brotherhood of Magicians Linking Ring

In the magic community, there are a few resources, magic clubs and organizations that most magicians are part of. The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) Linking Ring is our monthly magazine for full time entertainers and hobbyists which is packed with club information, products, articles and much more. This month, yours truly was featured in […]