Corporate Magician

Hire Rich for your next corporate event!

Have shareholders, clients, employees or vip guests mind-blown and laughing with sleight of hand magic & mentalism. Rich cleverly combines your potential message into the magic for trade-shows, creates unique effects for annual meeting banquets and is trusted to deliver a memorable experience.

Imagine the CEO on stage with a bucket of colored markers. The audience tells the CEO where to draw on the whiteboard with the randomly chosen markers. In the end, the EXACT same drawing is in the prediction envelope. Magic is powerful, memorable, fun and flexible. 

Corporate events, similar to VIP parties, require a special touch that Rich is counted on year after year. Whether it is performing in the Trade Show Floor Booth, the Hospitality Booth or the Hospitality Suite, your VIPS, guests and potential clients will long remember your message through Rich’s magic!

Utilize magic as a tool for better success

Corporate Parties

Rich will mingle intimately with your shareholders, investors and staff in small or large groups… or even one on one. This style is highly interactive because it’s done at the fingertips of your special guests. In our opinion, there’s no form of magic more interesting and memorable. Imagine VIP’s laughing and screaming as Rich read’s their minds. Imagine guests smiling and applauding as Rich locates a signed card or guests personal items in the most impossible locations! 

Corporate Mentalism Show

Rich’s stand-up show incorporates his specialty of mentalism – otherwise known as psychological magic. The show is also filled with comedy and every effect requires audience participation. Show material can be tailored to your event or company. Imagine Rich knowing what people in the audience are thinking! Imagine a group of employees on stage tearing up playing cards, freely exchanging them and stopping at will while all the remaining card in their hands match! 


Your trade show will be so much more successful when your booth draws crowds of attendees. Rich’s trade show magic, tailored to your product and/or service, will draw attendees to your booth and hold them there while he entertains them. They have fun, learn about your product or service and your representatives are given time to scan the audience for potentially qualified clients. As your perfect secret weapon, Rich will draw larger groups and increase your potential client contacts.