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You are about to learn various tricks for blowing your friends’ minds and having fun with complete strangers anywhere you go. From the office, school, parties or bars, this book is packed with time-tested and simple icebreakers, card tricks, mind reading effects, stunts, bar bets and scams to make you look like a magic wizard or the life of the party! All taught by celebrity magician YouTube sensation Rich Ferguson.

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Look at all this fun!

Section 1: Quick Tricks & Icebreakers

Learn a variety of tricks and gags that catch people’s attention instantly.

Section 2: Magic Tricks

From card tricks, mind reading tricks, money tricks and tricks with everyday objects, you will look like a real magician in minutes!

Section 3: Tricks w/ Secret Help

Using a friend that’s “in on it” so you can really mess with people!

Section 4: Bar Bets & Scams

Win money, drinks or friends with bets & scams you can’t loose!

Section 5: Performance Tips

Learn how to handle tricks that go wrong, manage those who try to mess you up and learn other gags and lines to cover your butt!

MAKES A GREAT GIFT for all ages!