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The Body Language Deck of Cards

The real secrets behind what someone is truly thinking or feeling is revealed within 56 detailed flash/playing cards.

• Create far more successful sales!
• Know when someone is scared, dishonest or controlling!
• Negotiate like a pro!
• Know if someone is objecting your approach!
• Get the deal done and WIN!

Ripped right from Rich Ferguson’s global Keynote on Human Behavior – and a lifetime in the making – it’s now available for you: The Body Language Deck of Cards!

A must for anyone in business, sales, management, poker, dating, parenting and more!

The magic book for non-magicians!

You are about to learn various tricks for blowing your friends’ minds and having fun with complete strangers anywhere you go. From the office, school, parties or bars, this book is packed with time-tested and simple icebreakers, card tricks, mind reading effects, stunts, bar bets and scams to make you look like a magic wizard or the life of the party! All taught by celebrity magician YouTube sensation Rich Ferguson.

Exclusive Magic Course

MASTER MAGIC!! This limited time course explores Card Magic, Coin Tricks, Mind Reading, Rope Tricks, Impromptu Magic, Bar Bets and much more! – For the cost of a typical individual magic trick or DVD, you get ACCESS to all of this!!

All taught from your favorite teacher Rich Ferguson. Great for any level.

Magic DVD's

If you want to learn or take your magic to the next level, grab one of Rich’s DVD’s packed with original tricks and material! From mind reading and predictions that freak people out to interactive card tricks, you are about to get access to years of secrets and fun! 

These are exclusively produced and sold through distributors so follow the links accordingly.

Blank Gag Books

Blank Gag Books are exactly that… BLANK! Go through the various titles and grab one today for that perfect gag gift for friends. Imagine someone graduated college. The Book “What I Learned in College” is BLANK suggesting they learned nothing in college! 

It’s the same joke for all the blank books, but we’ve created fun titles for categories for marriage, sports, politics, parenting, school, sex and more. On the back of each title are funny quotes that fit the particular title. 

Brain Teasers & Puzzles!

For the best in puzzles and brain teasers, we have the biggest collection in the world. 

From advanced to easy, you can find traditional puzzles, wooden challenges, metal mind benders and more. These make a great gift for any age or skill level.


If you want some quick tricks on the go, download one of Rich’s e-books. 

Learn one of Rich’s fun money tricks where money visually changes during a clever math riddle which defies logic on it’s own! Learn some tricks with cards that take little to no skill!  

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