Unleash Your Magic Keynote

Unleash Your Magic: Observe, Adapt & Succeed! by Rich Ferguson

Experience an awe-inspiring Keynote that delves into the realms of overcoming obstacles and understanding human behavior for both business and life.

Unleash Your Magic: Observe, Adapt & Succeed! is a captivating blend of magical entertainment, motivation, inspiration, team building and knowledge!

 Renowned as the most viewed magician online, Celebrity Magician Rich Ferguson, who has been a regular guest on TV shows such as Ellen, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, and countless others, brings his mesmerizing talents to the stage, coupled with insights into human behavior and body language like never before. As a keynote speaker, Rich unveils invaluable lessons drawn from his remarkable journey. Despite learning to read at nearly 12 years old, Rich’s childhood gifted him with a profound skill of observation, now shared with audiences worldwide.

With over three decades of experience as a master mentalist, Rich offers a distinctive approach to understanding and influencing people in real-world scenarios. Stripping away theoretical jargon, Rich focuses on practical techniques honed through his illustrious career. Whether it’s deciphering body language or crafting real-time strategies, Rich equips your team with essential tools for success.

Perfect for corporate retreats, conferences, or conventions, Rich’s motivational keynote promises an immersive experience where entertainment meets actionable insights. From decoding human behavior to mastering sales wizardry, attendees leave empowered with life skills ready for immediate application.

Discover how observe, adapt and unleash your magic with Rich Ferguson. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and motivated to embark on a journey of self-discovery and success!

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“Unleash Your Magic: Observe, Adapt & Succeed!” Rich’s 50-90 minute keynote presentation is not just informative, but also deeply inspirational and motivational. Rich delves into his own journey of overcoming obstacles and offers invaluable insights on how to adapt for success. Packed with magic and delivered with energy and humor, his presentation covers the intricate nuances of body language and its profound impact on influence. By the end, participants will walk away with a renewed perspective and actionable tools to navigate negotiations, sales, and interactions with confidence.

business training & SEMINARS

A full blown seminar of “Unleash Your Magic: Observe, Adapt & Succeed!” covers how to understand the rules of body language and influence. We can tailor a seminar from 90 minutes to over 3 hours. The full program shows how the two sciences of body language or influence work together and dives much deeper into the area of “what to do with this information.” It’s in depth, real-world application perfect for any retreat, staff training, convention or company meeting. Also packed with entertainment!


If you UNLEASHED YOUR MAGIC with Rich’s Keynote presentation, letting Rich loose to unleash his magic with guests at parties is fun and jaw-dropping. Consider this additional bonus surprise if your convention, seminar, conference, meeting or team building retreat has any social time or after parties. Rich has been awarded the highest recognition within the entertainment business for his interactive magic. It will certainly make your party memorable! Many guests have seen Rich on TV or on Youtube where he’s the most seen magician with hundreds of millions of views – now witness the magic at your finger tips

How Reading Body Language Helps Influence People

Rich Ferguson | TED Talk Presentation

While a magician should never reveal their secrets, Rich has broken boundaries and shares the magic behind reading human behavior which can be used for sales, hiring, negotiations, and life. Rich Ferguson is an award winning magician and mentalist who is appearing today to reveal his most powerful secrets. It’s not what you think. Chances are, you might know Rich from Youtube or popular shows such as Ellen, The Tonight Show or The Today Show, but what you do not know is Rich didn’t know how to read until he was over 11 years old. Now how can read people like a book. Today he will share his insights and secrets to reading human behavior which you can use for sales, hiring, negotiations and life. 

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