The Magic of Body Language

The Magic of Body Language by Rich Ferguson

A jaw-dropping crash course on body language to create great connections and sales.

The Magic of Body Language : Unleash Your Senses is packed with magical entertainment, motivation, inspiration, team building and knowledge! 

Celebrity Magician Rich Ferguson has been seen countless times on TV and is the most viewed magician online with many hundreds of millions of views. As a Keynote Speaker, he’s “revealing” all his secrets. Well, not magic secrets per-se, but unleashing insight to human behavior like you’ve never seen before. Rich didn’t learn to read until nearly 12 years old and his unbelievable childhood gave him the gift of observation he’s able to share with others.

Additionally, as a master mentalist for over 20 years, Rich has a very unique approach and real world understanding of how to read a person… and more importantly, how to influence someone based on the information gleaned. He has stripped away all the useless theoretical and clinical psychology and focuses on real-world, applied techniques he has mastered in an incredible career as a mentalist/magician. Now he’s sharing the secrets to human behavior so you can be a sales and influence wizard. You team, staff or audience will take away life skills they can implement immediately in Rich’s magical and fun packed motivational keynote. Perfect for any team building meeting, corporate retreat, conference or convention.

Rich will provide your staff with essential tools for reading people and knowing how and when to create a “game plan” in real-time for any situation to resolve issues, learn the truth, save valuable time or sale anything! Rich has also helped legal council evaluate the jury in high profile court! As a natural body language wizard, he’s learned what tools are useful for real life application. Be prepared to UNLEASH YOUR MAGIC.



“The Magic of Body Language: Unleash Your Senses” Rich’s 50-90 minute, fun, magic packed Keynote presentation covers body language and how it affects influence. The golden rule of influence is observe first. You will master why. People will walk away with a new perspective of human behavior and actionable tools to negotiate, sale and interact with success! From knowing what someone’s intention is from a simple introduction to realizing your own unintentional message, this is a crash course on the real-world workings of the strategy of body language. 

business training & SEMINARS

A full blown seminar of “The Magic of Body Language: Unleash Your Senses” covers how to understand the rules of body language and influence. We can tailor a seminar from 90 minutes to over 3 hours. The full program shows how the two sciences of body language or influence work together and dives much deeper into the area of “what to do with this information.” It’s in depth, real-world application perfect for any retreat, staff training, convention or company meeting. Also packed with entertainment!


If you unleashed your magic with The Magic of Body Language Keynote presentation, letting Rich loose to unleash his magic with guests at parties is fun and jaw-dropping. Consider this additional bonus surprise if your convention, seminar, conference, meeting or team building retreat has any social time or after parties. Rich has been awarded the highest recognition within the entertainment business for his interactive magic. It will certainly make your party memorable! You would have already seen him on stage earlier in the day and many guests have seen Rich on TV or on Youtube where he’s the most seen magician with hundreds of millions of views – now witness the magic at your finger tips

How Reading Body Language Helps Influence People

Rich Ferguson | TED Talk Presentation

While a magician should never reveal their secrets, Rich has broken boundaries and shares the magic behind reading human behavior which can be used for sales, hiring, negotiations, and life. Rich Ferguson is an award winning magician and mentalist who is appearing today to reveal his most powerful secrets. It’s not what you think. Chances are, you might know Rich from Youtube or popular shows such as Ellen, The Tonight Show or The Today Show, but what you do not know is Rich didn’t know how to read until he was over 11 years old. Now how can read people like a book. Today he will share his insights and secrets to reading human behavior which you can use for sales, hiring, negotiations and life. 

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