VIP Private Party Magician

Have Rich captivate you!

Rich will captivate you with his charm, with and incredible skill. Hire a VIP Private Party Magician! From exclusive celebrity parties, private events, wedding reception and corporate after parties, MINGLING MAGIC is unbelievably essential for social events! Letting Rich loose to entertain guests up close and personal while making your event fun, memorable and exciting. We guarantee your special guests will be talking about this unique entertainment for years to come. Don’t wait and hire a VIP Private Party Magician today!

From original card effects, improv comedy, mind reading, pickpocketing and sleight of hand miracles, you can count on Magician Rich Ferguson to make a huge impact without stealing the focus of the event. Take a look below for more information on VIP Private Party Magicians!

There’s three styles of performances

Strolling Close-Up Magic

Rich will mingle intimately with your guests in small or large groups… or even one on one. This style is highly interactive because it’s done at the fingertips of your special guests. In our opinion, there’s no form of magic more interesting and memorable. Image friends laughing and screaming as Rich read’s their minds. Image guests smiling and applauding as Rich locates a signed card or guest’s personal items in the most impossible locations! Rich’s sophisticated wit and ability to bring people together makes this the best icebreaker for social events. Maybe that’s why so many call him “The Ice Breaker!”

Formal Close-Up Show

This is an option for those rare seated and intimate events such as the end of a sales meeting or wine dinner. This does not involve mingling throughout the crowd, but instead is performed in front of a small group of 40 or less. Rich demonstrates card magic, coin tricks, mind reading, body language and card cheating all while sitting at a small table in front of special guests. Hire Rich today for the ultimate VIP Private Party Magician experience for any formal event!


Rich’s stand-up show leans more toward his specialty of mentalism – otherwise known as psychological magic. The show is also filled with comedy and every effect requires audience participation. Show material can be tailored to your event or company. Image 5 employees in front of the room tearing up playing cards and freely exchanging them with each other. The cards are mixed and freely tossed onto the ground. When they choose to stop, all the remaining cards match! Imagine Rich knowing what people in the audience are thinking! The sky is the limit on the fun you can have with a VIP Private Party Magician.