Masters of Illusion Magic Show

Masters of Illusion showcases some of the greatest magicians from around the globe on one stage! Masters of Illusion LIVE is a traveling broadway level stage production, while Masters of Illusion is a made for TV magic special. They are produced by the same talented minds included Gay Blackstone, David Martin and Al Shwartz.

Sneak peek at the stage set up on MOI!

Yours truly will be featured in the 2013-2014 magic special Masters of Illusion on the CWnetwork. This primetime television show will be unprecedented with 13 full episodes of magic! It’s created by Associated Television International. Sony Pictures will be handling international programing. Stay tuned!

Later after filming with spectators on stage

A variety of magic and performers including escapes, grand illusions, comedy, mind reading, animals, sleight of hand and much more will be showcased. Performers include greats such as Franz Harary, Rick Thomas, Andrew Goldenhersh, Jonathan Pendragon, Christopher Hart and Ed Alonzo. It’s a star-filled line up not to miss.

Spencer Horsman and Rich Ferguson

Ed Alonzo, Rich Ferguson and Christopher Hart

What did I do on the show? A great collection of magicians did a couple tricks each for various episodes. My two effects were quite different from one another. One was a comedy mind reading trick that goes wrong again and again… then is finally saved by someone randomly picked from the audience by the spectator on stage. It must be a weird feeling to freely think of a word and choose someone random that tells you the word! This type of effect leaves people someone confused, so it will be interesting to see how it looks on TV! The second effects was a bizarre demonstration of coincidence vs. fate. A couple is asked onto the stage. A deck of cards are shuffled and placed onto her hand. I take one card and place it in my jacket pocket sticking out, facing me. He picks a card out-loud… it is the one in my pocket. Coincidence, luck, chance? I think not! He holds his chosen card. He turns his card over and the mate to the card turns over in her hand. Fate? Luck? Chance? Next, we tear one card while the other is being held by the lady and the tear goes to the other card… then he writes something secret and special on the card and it also appears on the back of her card… Fate. I do not know how they do this stuff!!! Oh, wait a second…

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